Success Stories

No Evidence of Disease (NED)

When my oncologist diagnosed me with stage IV pancreatic cancer, he informed me that it was terminal and that chemotherapy could only prolong my life for a limited time. Though it was a grim prognosis, it was the reality for anyone suffering from inoperable stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Determined to fight this, I explore alternative treatments, I discovered repurposed drugs and complementary supplements that could potentially improve my immune system during chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the healthcare providers in my area only offered conventional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, which failed to address the crucial issue of cancer stem cells.

With support from my wife, I initiated a supplementary protocol using repurposed medicine four weeks before starting chemotherapy:

• I practiced intermittent fasting, consuming food only within a 4-hour window before chemo to activate my immune system against cancer and enhance the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs.

• I adopted a nutrient-rich diet that included omega-3 foods (fish, walnuts, seeds, organic meat, and free-range eggs), as well as broccoli, green tea, pomegranate, turmeric, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, spices, blackberries, blueberries, and apples.

• To protect my organs and immune system, I took supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), high doses of vitamin D3, pancreatic enzymes, milk thistle, melatonin, berberine, curcumin, and zinc.

• I used Fenbendazole, Ivermectin, and DMSO to target cancer cells.

• To eliminate cancer stem cells, I relied on intravenous vitamin C, azithromycin, doxycycline, and green tea.

• I incorporated aspirin, food-grade diatomaceous earth, mesosilver, psyllium husk fiber, and coffee enemas to facilitate the removal of tumor debris. I also completed a 72-hour fast to rejuvenate healthy stem cells.

Remarkably, within nine months, I was declared having no evidence of disease (NED). My oncologist was astonished by my recovery from a terminal stage IV diagnosis. Now, as a 2 ½-year survivor of stage IV pancreatic cancer, I wholeheartedly advocate for an integrative approach that combines allopathic and complementary medicine. By incorporating complementary medicine alongside chemotherapy, we can often reduce tumor size, slow down tumor progression, and potentially prevent metastasis. However, long-term healing requires targeting cancer stem cells through supplements and nutrition, as neither chemo nor radiation can achieve this.

Through thorough research and guidance from organizations like the Beat Cancer Foundation, you can discover repurposed medicine and alternative cancer therapies. By educating yourself, you can seize control of your life and your disease, giving yourself a realistic chance of hope and recovery.

May your recovery from cancer be successful and bring you renewed health. Blessings to you as you embark on this journey. 

– Anthony V


The day my wife was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, our world crumbled before our eyes. Learning that the disease had metastasized to her liver sent waves of disbelief and pain through our hearts.

In response to my wife's devastating illness, I could not simply stand idly by and watch her fade away. I became relentless in my search for alternative treatments, ultimately discovering Fenbendazole and Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). Despite our initial despair, we resolved to try this unorthodox approach, which surprisingly infused our lives with renewed hope and an invigorated sense of possibility.

After diligently following to the protocol, we anxiously returned for a follow-up scan, steeling ourselves for the results. To our immense joy, the scan revealed no evidence of disease (NED). Our doctor, who had originally predicted a grim prognosis of merely six to twelve months, was astonished and sought details about the treatment we had pursued. We shared our journey with the protocol, and he encouraged us to continue using it as a maintenance dose.

Through my unwavering support, my wife's resilience, and the grace of God, she now leads a pain-free and healthy life, devoid of any cancer symptoms. Today marks one year of being cancer-free, and our hearts overflow with gratitude for this miraculous milestone.

I send my most sincere wishes to all those embarking on a similar journey, hoping they too can find the strength and support needed to surmount their challenges and regain control of their lives. 

– Tom D


When my mother was diagnosed with a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumor, her oncologist initiated an aggressive treatment plan consisting of at least 30 rounds of radiation and Temodar chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this regimen led to brain bleeds, further complicating her condition. When a subsequent MRI revealed that the tumor had doubled in size, we were devastated to learn she had only 3 to 4 months left to live.

In search of alternative treatments, we introduced an alkaline diet and a combination of supplements, including Fenbendazole with DMSO, Tudca, FECO, frankincense, curcumin, high-dose melatonin, turkey tail, and two hours of daily oxygen support. Although my mother initially struggled to tolerate the regimen, we gradually increased her Fenben dosage to 2,000 mg per day, and she soon became more alert and engaged.

After 4 months of this at our surprise, her next MRI results showed that the tumor had shrunk by over 80%. Some areas of the tumor had disappeared completely, while others displayed necrosis, indicating that the cancer cells were dying off. We are very happy with her progress and hope to update you more positive news.

We firmly believe that the combination of Fenbendazole and FECO played a critical role in my mother's remarkable progress. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to combating cancer, as each individual and their case is unique, we see no harm in exploring multiple avenues to empower the body in its battle against this terrible disease.

For those considering alternative treatments, I urge you not to hesitate. The potential benefits far outweigh the risks, and you may find hope and healing in the most unexpected places. 

- Jean W


In a Remarkable Journey, My Father Defeats Stage IV Lung Cancer

When my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and a tumor harboring the P53 mutation, our world turned upside down. The TP53 gene, frequently mutated in cancer cases, can contribute to tumor development, therapy resistance, and patient prognosis. Undaunted, our family explored various treatment options.

A close family friend, a holistic practitioner, introduced us to Fenbendazole, confident that it could aid my father's recovery. Despite initial reservations, we turned to the oncologist's recommendation: Keytruda infusions every three weeks. Unfortunately, after four months, my father's condition deteriorated, and he became bedridden, relying on twelve liters of oxygen continuously. Desperate for an alternative, we decided to give the Fenbendazole protocol a chance.

Remarkably, within the first week, my father's chest tube ceased to drain. He regained his strength, stood up, and began walking with a walker, now only needing 2L of oxygen. Witnessing his transformation was nothing short of a miracle.

Over six months of diligently following the Fenbendazole protocol, my father experienced the unimaginable - he was declared NED, showing no evidence of disease. Notably, he didn't suffer any side effects, and his bloodwork remained impeccable throughout the treatment. Throughout this journey, his oncologist was aware of the protocol and offered unwavering support.

In the face of adversity, my father's resilience and determination, coupled with the power of the Fenbendazole protocol, paved the way for an unexpected victory over cancer. 

– Lisa C


In the face of a depressing Stage 4 non-Hodgkin's diffuse large B-cell lymphoma diagnosis, I found myself dealing with a 75mm tumor in my abdomen and five additional, smaller tumors in my chest. The prognosis was grim, but a ray of hope emerged when a dear friend introduced me to a innovative Fenbendazole protocol, enhanced with essential vitamins and supplements.

I started on the Fenbendazole regimen three weeks prior to my first chemotherapy session. As I endured three grueling rounds of chemotherapy, the results were shocking: my PET scan revealed that the tumors had shrunk by nearly 90%. Despite the promising progress, my medical team encouraged me to undergo three more rounds of chemotherapy. I reluctantly agreed to a fourth round. However, the unbearable side effects of chemotherapy became too overwhelming, and I made the difficult decision to discontinue the remaining two rounds.

To my surprise, the results of my second three-month PET scan were nothing short of incredible. The scan displayed no traces of tumors or lymphoma, leading my doctor to declare me cancer-free and awarding me the highly sought-after No Evidence of Disease (NED) status.

As I come upon this new chapter of my life, I remain committed to the Fenbendazole protocol, at a reduced dosage. My next scan is scheduled for six months from now, and I eagerly await the opportunity to share further updates on my extraordinary journey to overcoming cancer. 

– Terri T


I received a life-altering diagnosis: stage 3 triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Known for its aggressive growth and high recurrence rate, TNBC presents a significant challenge to those battling the disease.

Determined to beat the odds, I embarked on a journey of transformation. I adopted a primarily plant-based diet, eliminating sugar and embracing a healthier lifestyle and an integrative chemotherapy regimen, which was specifically tailored to minimize side effects while maximizing effectiveness.

I am proud to say that, with the help of these combined efforts, I achieved a remarkable outcome: No Evidence of Disease (NED) upon completing my treatment. Now, more than two years later, I remain cancer-free and continue to thrive. I also take 300 mg of Melatonin when I get PET scan.

I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone facing a similar journey. Their expertise and compassionate care were instrumental in helping me overcome triple-negative breast cancer and regain control of my life. 

– Kristie C


Beating Gastric Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma

Our lives were forever changed when my husband was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive type of cancer: Stage 3 Gastric Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma (SRCC).

Over the course of a year, my husband followed an unconventional non-toxic treatment regimen, consisting of the Joe Tippins protocol, coupled with supplementary therapies such as B17, vitamin D3, melatonin, metformin, and doxycycline.

Finally, after twelve months of determination and hope, the moment we had longed for arrived. The medical team declared my husband as having no evidence of disease, or NED – a testament to his incredible resilience and non-toxic cancer treatment options. 

– Darla P


My wife is now NED - No Evidence of Disease. Confronted with an intimidating diagnosis of Invasive Pleomorphic Lobular Carcinoma Grade 3, HER+ Estrogen + Stage IIA lobular carcinoma in situ, she courageously embarked on a challenging journey towards recovery.

After the initial attempt at medical intervention - a single dose of the potent chemotherapy combination of Carboplatin and Docetaxel - it became crystal clear that her path needed a different direction. This first treatment administered was debilitating, resulting in hospitalization, and causing her to question the course of her journey.

Just two days post-diagnosis, armed with unyielding determination, she charted a course along an alternative path. She chose to intertwine nature's healing power with her indomitable spirit, using a combination of essiac tea and RSO(FECO) protocols, tailored specifically to meet her body's unique needs. A mere nine weeks later, she emerged victorious, earning the coveted title of 'NED'.

Despite this substantial victory, the medical community advocates for the addition of 20 rounds of radiation, a year's worth of PHESGO - a combination treatment including PERJETA (pertuzumab) & Herceptin (trastuzumab) - and hormone therapy. However, our belief remains unshaken; the body's natural healing capacity is remarkable and we have faith in its power.

As we continue to navigate this journey, it's my heartfelt wish that our story serves as a beacon of hope, strength, and resilience. We wish to share this testament of perseverance, a testament that champions the power of natural healing, in the hope that it may inspire and encourage others facing similar challenges.

I sincerely pray that our success story becomes a comforting embrace, an encouragement, and a blessing to all who are fighting this daunting battle. Believe in the power of your spirit, in the healing potential of nature, and keep pushing forward. You are not alone.

- Aaron J


Merely six months ago, my cherished wife was presented with a severe challenge - stage 4 colon cancer. The disease was relentless, spreading to her skull base and adrenal glands. Her pain was debilitating, constant, necessitating Endone and a litany of other painkillers for even the most fleeting relief.

Our search for solutions led us to a beacon of hope - Joe Tippens' compelling personal narrative. Inspired and driven, we initiated a regimen of Fenbendazole, dosing at 222mg twice a day. Additional dietary supplements were included in our arsenal against this pervasive enemy. The results were rapid and profound; mere five days into the Fenben regimen, her pain vanished.

Our exploration of alternative approaches further led us to Jane McLelland's enlightening book, "How to Starve Cancer". Its profound insights prompted us to ultimately connecting us with the renowned Beat Cancer Foundation.

Only five chemo sessions and a single cycle of radiation treatment over ten days were endured by my resilient wife. Today, in a mere six-month span, we have witnessed a miraculous transformation; her cancer is almost entirely eradicated! Once predicted a life expectancy of six months to two years, she now stands on the precipice of being 'No Evidence of Disease' (NED).

This journey has been graced with a host of unsung heroes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Lord Jesus Christ, our benevolent healer, and Joe Tippens, who bravely faced public and professional scrutiny to chart an unorthodox path to recovery. We owe a debt of gratitude to Jane McLelland, whose tenacious spirit and valuable research has equipped average people with the knowledge to conquer this pervasive disease. Our gratitude extends to the Beat Cancer Foundation, whose invaluable assistance honed our treatment protocol to suit my wife's specific cancer type.

Recently, our surgeon, the skilled hand who had previously installed a stoma, contacted us with uplifting news; the tumor had diminished to the point that the colostomy bag could be reversed.

We remain grounded and vigilant, aware that cancer may rear its ugly head again. However, the beast has been demoted; it now resembles a chronic disease, like diabetes, rather than a death sentence. Armed with regular blood tests and scans, we are now the masters of the situation, not its victims.

For those who have been handed the devastating diagnosis of cancer, remember, it's not an inescapable death sentence. Hope and healing are within reach. Seek the right information, and you may find yourself, as we did, on a path to recovery.

- Brian K


I highly recommend that anyone facing the challenges of cancer explore and thoroughly investigate the information provided on the website I wholeheartedly believe that their nutrition plan, stringent cancer diet, and protocol played a pivotal role in transforming my Stage 4 (metastatic) diagnosis into a state of No Evidence of Disease (NED) in only 90 days, all without resorting to chemotherapy or radiation.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Beat Cancer Foundation for their invaluable support in helping me overcome cancer without resorting to traditional, toxic treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Thanks to their guidance, my family was spared the distress of witnessing my gradual deterioration.

- Rachel S


My husband's journey with throat cancer began last October, leading to a complete laryngectomy in November. Despite 25 grueling radiation sessions and three challenging rounds of chemotherapy, while the cancer vanished from his throat, it had stealthily spread elsewhere. Faced with the prospect of another four rounds of chemotherapy, the uncertainty loomed large.

It was during this challenging time that we discovered the invaluable support of the Beat Cancer Foundation through friends who had experienced success with their resources. Taking a leap of faith, my husband embarked on a recommended protocol at the end of March. The results from his recent PET CT scan, conducted just last week, delivered the most incredible news – he is now officially CANCER FREE!

Our gratefulness goes out to the Beat Cancer Foundation for their unwavering assistance and support throughout this difficult journey. Your organization has been a beacon of hope, and we cannot thank you enough for making a significant impact in our lives. God bless you for the work you do.

- Diane A