Drug Repurposing Cancer Therapy

Drug Repurposing Cancer Therapy

Drug Repurposing Cancer Therapy

Reinventing Therapies through Drug Repurposing without Revisiting the Development Pipeline

Cancer remains a global health burden, afflicting millions worldwide. Despite progress in surgical and radiation therapies, chemotherapy continues to be the go-to therapeutic option in cancer treatment. However, conventional chemotherapy is often expensive, accompanied by severe side effects, and can ultimately lead to drug resistance in cancer cells. This has spurred a growing demand for novel and more effective drugs.

Drug repurposing, an innovative approach that seeks new applications for existing clinically approved drugs, has emerged as a promising solution. Recent advances in multiomics, encompassing proteomics, genomics, and computational omics-data analysis, have significantly facilitated the drug repurposing process. By utilizing existing drugs in new ways, this approach offers a more cost-effective, safer alternative with fewer side effects, while expediting the drug development process.

Emerging evidence strongly supports the notion that drug repurposing is essential for the faster and more cost-effective discovery of anti-cancer agents. This delves into the original indications and mechanisms of action for various repurposed drugs in cancer treatment, offering renewed hope for patients and healthcare professionals in the battle against cancer.

Clinical trials and studies play a crucial role in assessing the safety and efficacy of medications. Therefore, clinical studies on repurposed drugs for cancer treatment, including information on trial stages, status, and National Clinical Trial (NCT) identification numbers, have positioned the field of cancer treatment for transformative breakthroughs that will benefit patients worldwide.

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