The Kelley Metabolic Protocol

The Kelley Metabolic Protocol

The Kelley Metabolic Protocol

The Kelley Metabolic Protocol: A Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment

The Kelley Metabolic Protocol is a comprehensive cancer treatment program developed by Dr. William Donald Kelley. With a reported 93% success rate for treating various types of cancer, including pancreatic and liver cancer, the protocol employs enzymes to break down the protein coating of cancer cells, enabling the immune system to recognize and eliminate them.

Remarkably, over 93% of cancer patients who strictly adhere to the Kelley Metabolic Program for at least six months experience a complete remission of their malignancies, according to Dr. Kelley's records. For some patients, however, it may take up to 18 months or longer to become cancer-free. Dr. Kelley emphasizes the importance of maintaining dietary changes and pancreatic support even after the cancer has disappeared to ensure lasting health.

At the core of Dr. Kelley's protocol is a focus on the pancreas as a key defense against cancer. Drawing from the research of embryologist John Beard, he discovered that pancreatic enzymes dissolve proteins, including those on the surface of cancer cells. To enhance the effectiveness of these enzymes, Dr. Kelley's protocol concentrates on trace minerals, hormone balance, high-dose juicing of specific vegetables, and glandular supplements to restore the body's glandular function.

Recognizing a connection between diabetes and cancer, Dr. Kelley approached the treatment of both conditions similarly. A crucial component of his program is an aggressive, sequential detoxification process. He cautioned that the protocol should be combined with a primary cancer treatment, as its success was documented in patients who were newly diagnosed, rather than those who had already undergone chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Dr. Kelley advises patients to follow a cycle of taking enzymes and metabolic nutrients for 25 days (or fewer if the patient feels excessively toxic), followed by a 5-day break to allow the body to eliminate the debris. This cycle continues until the malignancies have disappeared.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a Cornell University Medical College graduate, was inspired by Dr. Kelley's work and developed his own protocol centered on the belief that pancreatic enzymes are the body's primary defense against cancer. Dr. Gonzalez's nutritional research, which showed promising results for treating late-stage pancreatic cancer, was financially supported by Proctor & Gamble and Nestlé.

Both Dr. Kelley and current practitioners of the protocol stress that healing requires the will to live, faith in survival, and the intelligence to think independently. They acknowledge that the protocol may not be suitable for those who are faint-hearted or lack faith.

In summary, the Kelley Metabolic Protocol is a holistic cancer treatment program that emphasizes enzymes, trace minerals, and hormone balance to bolster the pancreas in the battle against cancer. To be effective, the protocol must be combined with a primary cancer treatment and accompanied by an aggressive detoxification program. Ultimately, healing is believed to necessitate the will to live, faith in survival, and the capacity for independent thinking.



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